Why You Should Take Piracetam

Nootropics or as they are popularly referred to nowadays, smart drugs, are synthetic components consumed with the intention of improving overall cognitive ability.  The Piracetam is generally considered as the first lab manufactured nootropic drug.  It comes in both powder and capsule form and can be purchased at health food stores or online. Most research conducted on piracetam so far has majorly focused on its effects in treating age-related conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.  According to some clinical studies, piracetam was found helpful in managing dyslexia, agitation, brain injury, anxiety and memory loss.  Piracetam is perfectly legal and can be bought over-the-counter in many countries including the US, even though it is yet to be approved as a supplement.  The beneficial cognitive effects of piracetam are credited to its anticonvulsant and neuroprotective properties i.e. ability to improve neural plasticity and boost circulation. Below are some benefits of taking piracetam.

Through a meta-analysis review of findings from various human studies, piracetam was found to be beneficial in improving cognition among people that experience cognitive decline, more so elderly adults.  Some mechanisms of piracetam include heightened oxygen and glucose consumption in the brains of its users, leading to cognitive improvement.  Significant doses of piracetam are required to be taken to achieve tremendous reductions in cognitive decline e.g. a reduction in symptoms such as paranoia, memory loss and agitation. Read more here about piracetum.

According to research,there is more crucial information about piracetam that it can be used following cardiovascular trauma since it is effective in stopping blood clots, more or less similar to aspirin.  Additionally, in patients that undergo coronary artery bypass surgery, it has been found to have protective effects.  By preventing blood vessels from constricting and boosting circulation, piracetam has been found effective in affecting how blood flows.  Since it is effective in preventing blood clot formation, piracetam is the subject of various tests that seek to lower the risk of strokes.  According to some studies, piracetam has been found useful in people recovering from stroke, including language function.

The Piracetum can be used to protect against oxidative stress as revealed by evidence of its increase in the brain’s membrane fluidity and reduction of rigidity associated with lipid and oxidative stress.  Piracetam normalises mitochondrial function and fluidity, both of which are affected when the brain gets impacted by free radicals, ageing, injury and inflammation.

The nootropic supports short term memory and enhances learning capacity.  This is supported by a study conducted over 14 days in which study subjects who took piracetam experienced improvement in short term working memory and better word recall.
For more information, click on this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piracetam.